Onboarding & Training.

Bridging the learning gap from hire to arrival, and beyond.

Onboarding and Relocation


Simplify the relocation process with structured learning paths, enhanced preparation, support, document collection, and learning prior to arrival.  

Continuous Professional Development


Training Delivery: As training gaps are identified, SkoolSpot serves as an ideal training delivery platform to support both asynchronous and blended learning initiatives for personalized professional development plans.

Progress Reporting: Reporting tools provide administrators with insight into a teacher’s development progress, ensuring quality, growth, and compliance. 

How SkoolSpot Supports


How does SkoolSpot help?

Head of School

School Heads are able to reassure their new hires with a structured onboarding process and support their HR teams with time-saving tools while gaining important insights into the relocation process.

HR and Administration

Administrators save time by communicating with the new hires more efficiently and providing them with the ability to self-manage their documents.


Teachers gain reassurance knowing there is a structured relocation process with support from their peers and school leaders.

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